vendredi 25 mai 2018

On writing : Poetry as the ultimate language

Un texte sur le processus créatif que j'ai écrit en anglais pour le blog Ottawa Poetry Newsletter à la demande de Rob mc Lenann éditeur de mon chapbook "From : Sunny girls" (Above/GroundPress 2017)

On Writing #151 : Sandra Moussempès

Poetry as the ultimate language
Sandra Moussempès
As a french poet I find it exotic to explain my own creative process in another language; it’s like expressing myself on different psychic levels. When I used to live in London I remember feeling a total freedom in speaking english. I used to live at the home of Olwyn Hughes, Ted Hughes's sister, who was also the editor of Sylvia Plath. Olwyn was a close friend of my dear father (he died in 1981) in the sixties, Olwyn was the sort of an auntie who helped me dealing with relationship issues using through her astrology skills (as she did for Plath and Ted Hughes, she was an expert). She encouraged me to write and read all my manuscripts in French. Reading Plath in English in Olwyn's attic made me also see how much languages can bring different perceptions to art and life. 

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