mardi 2 mai 2017

Un très bel article en anglais de Greg Bem sur "From : Sunny girls" (Above/Ground/Press, Canada, 2017)

Review by Greg Bem on "From : Sunny girls" Chapbook, Above Ground, 2017, Canada, translation by Elena Rivera

"The cinematographic qualities of Moussempès should not be ignored, especially in this selection. The quasi-described elements of the human body, its parts arranged in and out of focus, are captured and referenced but not relied upon. The performance of balancing back and forth between movement and eruptive mental declarations is balanced with maturity, elevated arrangements, and a very concentrated fulcrum of expression. To be “sunny” is to be impacted by the sun, by the light, in all its weight and substance. The world Moussempès has crafted for her speaker is one where the realms of possibility of humanity are explored; and yet also, more precisely, the realms of possibility of the poet too: “I ask myself and my answer is a question that becomes a remake of my supposed previous life”. The cyclical underpinnings are a gift of challenge and revelation at once."

Un bel article en anglais de Greg Bem (de Seattle) sur "From : Sunny girls", traduction d'Elena Rivera à lire en entier ici